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About the Game:

Ingress is an augmented reality massively multiplayer online role playing location-based game created by Niantic Labs, a startup within Google. The game was originally launched exclusively for Android devices on 15th December 2013, and was made available for Apple’s iOS since July 14, 2014. The game has a complex science fiction back story with a continuous open narrative.

A mysterious energy known as Exotic Matter (XM) has been unearthed by a team of scientists in Europe at CERN. The origin and purpose of this force is unknown, but some researchers believe it is influencing the way we think. We must control it or it will control us.

There are only two factions in this game. (When compared to any other multiplayer game this is the only have two teams which both team nearly a total of 7 million players in the world as at November 2014.)

  • The Enlightened
  • The Resistance

“The Enlightened” seek to embrace the power that this energy may bestow upon us. “The Resistance” struggle to defend, and protect what’s left of our humanity.

Faction Enlightened

Welcome in the shaper influence to further the evolution of mankind. The Enlightened firmly believe the shapers are a force for the good that will help mankind move beyond their primitive beginnings. They fight against the Resistance who they see as too afraid to let real progress. All Portals, Links, and Control Field that are under Enlightened control will appear with glowing green MU in the Scanner.

Faction Resistance

The Resistance is the faction defending the Earth from the Shaper ingression. They are seen by some as being fearful of change or progress, but the Resistance is firm in its belief that it is protecting humanity. All Portals, Links, and Control Field will appear Blue on the Scanner.


Gameplay of Ingress is mostly about capturing portals (for the team) and controlling a territory virtually by linking 3 portals. Portals are mostly important places that has any significance. They can be statues, arts, buildings and structures that are interesting in someway to who we are. Portals will be assigned to a faction when they are captured by deploying a resonator, the portal ownership will go to the agent who captured and his/her faction, it means the faction that he/she belongs to will controling the portal. When the portal is captured by resonating, it will represent the colour of the faction which owns it or else it will stay grey. A portal is fully resonated(more strong) when there are 8 resonators to resonate and capture them. Resonators (XM powered objects which powerups a portal and align faction) are used to capture portals and they are found by hacking portals. Linking 3 portals together will create a virtual triangular control fields over geographical areas.. Progress in the game is measured by the number of Mind Units (MUs) captured by control fields(controlling territory under the portal boundaries / people controlled by each faction). The necessary links between portals may range in length from meters(m) to kilometers(km) or hundreds of kilometers. Scores measured periodically by calculating aggregate value of Mind Units (gained when creating control fields) controlled by each factions in a particular pre defined area. A period is called as Septicycle duration of 175 hours. Every 5 hours (called as Check Points) a measurement will occur and it will record the current MU standings by factions. At the end of 175 hrs of Septicycle the one who gets the bigger aggregate value will be considered as the winner of the cycle. The opposing faction will be destroying the their enemy’s Portals, Links, Control Fields. to regain the portal or to reduce the MU of opposing faction. When the portal is neutralized, it will be captured again. They are able to neutralize a portal and turn it to grey by destroying the enemy resonators by using XMP Bursters (XM powered pulse weapon). More summarised it is: Destroy, Capture and Link it out. Ingress is a Global battle between Resistance and Enlightened amongst both young and old, to an extent the gameplay is itself a lifestyle for some. Gameplay depends mostly on the player physically moving about in order to interact and capture portals. Ingress could be also played in a vehicle but due to the increase in speed some of the features will be disabled. And playing in a vehicle is not that safe and in order to encourage physical activity walking is recommended.

In addition to the main interactive map, Scanner, players also have access to a COMM tab that displays local and regional, even worldwide, live activity going on within the game, such as faction progress and activity, in-game communication with other agents, and alerts.

Each player, or Agent, also has a profile page that is viewable by any other agent using the mobile app. Profiles contain a wide variety of information, including the agent’s name, current level and AP, earned badges, completed missions, and a long list of stats. Also available on the Profile, if the agent elects, it is a link to their G+ page.


Ingress uses your location for every step, so you know where you are and where you need to go at all times. There is even a list of mission options for you to choose from based on your current location, normally directing you to every portal that is closest to you. Depending on what you choose, you can see how many agents have already been there or even how long your typical walk duration is going to be. Assuming you start your mission, simply go to your location and hack the portal, then you earn a mission medal. For example the Independence Arcade has so far been completed by 52 gamers and continues to increase.

This is the only game that takes millions of gamers to the streets in a platform that recreates the real world as a global platform for games in a quest that will keep you on the go, at times with your fellow teammates, while you grow not just as a gamer but as a growing global faction.

Who would play a game like this?

“Kulendra Janaka is the COO of hSenid Business Systems. When he’s not busy making sure hSenid runs smoothly, he’s an agent among The Enlightened. Thilanka Niroshana is an entrepreneur; his job takes him across the island he fights for as part of the the Resistance. Thilini Harshani is a doctor, when she’s not busy saving lives she’s an active Ingress agent. Jameel Jazeel, a mergers and acquisitions consultant at KPM, logs in to do his duty. And there’s hundreds more. Most people fight their battles on the way to work and back, keeping their routes firmly aligned to their faction. Others experiment.”
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